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4 Reasons Patients Prefer Their General Dentist for Orthodontic Treatment

Modified: November 27, 2017 - 06:21 PM

In today’s orthodontic climate, general dentists are providing a large percentage of orthodontic care for the patients in their practice. For general dentists, it is important to recognize malocclusion but more important is the understanding of what cases need the help of a specialist. By completing the Gerety Orthodontic Comprehensive Orthodontic course, you will learn orthodontic diagnosis and treatment planning which will enable you to refer those cases that need the expertise of a specialist and give you the ability to treat the cases that do not.  Adding orthodontic treatment to your general practice adds a new and exciting element of dentistry for your patients.

Dentistry is forever changing and improving with new trends, techniques and innovations that make the addition of orthodontics easier than ever before. Our online comprehensive program incorporates the latest in technology and products along with the tried and true effectiveness of hands-on orthodontic continuing education, classroom lecture and interactive response.

All general dentists want to provide the best treatment for their patients and being able to provide orthodontics in your office can set you apart from all other general dentist that do not offer orthodontics. Here are four reasons to encourage your enrollment in Gerety Orthodontic Seminars.

1.General Dentists Share the Responsibility for Patient Care

Have you ever asked yourself WHY you should learn more about orthodontic treatment for your patients? First of all, you owe it to your patients to be informed about all aspects of dentistry and to be able to effectively discuss their options. You are also in part responsible for the treatment they receive from the doctor that you refer them. Do you know what to expect from the specialist? Do you know a successful completion when they return to your practice? Are you satisfied with the results for your patients? If there is any uncertainty in answering these questions, consider learning more about orthodontic treatment and what you and your patients should expect.

2.General Dentists Can See the Big Picture

Your multidisciplinary advantage can help to create a well thought-out and comprehensive treatment plan for your patients. Your understanding of cosmetics, periodontal health, restorative considerations and orthodontics will allow you to treat your patients with their complete dental health in mind. Do you want to learn how to create an optimized treatment map for your patients? You can check out our courses at geretyorthodontic seminars.com!

3. An Established Relationship with Patients

As a general dentist, you spend more time developing a relationship with your patient because of the many services you provide. Most of the time, you are involved with the entire family and have established a relationship of trust and confidence. Have you noticed reluctance when you try to refer a patient for a procedure outside your office and the usual comment of, “Can’t you do it for us?” The addition of orthodontics to your practice will enable you provide your patience the comfort and convenience of staying in your office for their treatment.

4.General Dentists are in Control of the Cases They Choose to Treat

One of the most important things to remember when you are considering adding orthodontics to your practice is that you will still have the option to refer. You will learn the criteria that you should adhere to for orthodontic case selection. These guidelines will assure you that the cases you treat are in your wheelhouse.  If you have an orthodontic case that falls outside those guidelines, or a case that you know will be a challenge from a management prospective, you will be able to refer those orthodontic cases to a specialist for treatment.

Do you want to start your GP orthodontic practice? Get comprehensive training in orthodontics from us at Gerety Orthodontic Seminars!