Our Online Orthodontic Program is now ALL-INCLUSIVE!

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Our mission is to make the Robert G. Gerety Online Comprehensive Orthodontic Education Program available to all general dentists who have an interest in learning orthodontics. We want to help break down any barriers that may be preventing you from expanding your knowledge and enhancing your practice with the addition of orthodontics. To make learning orthodontics attainable and hassle-free, we have developed our ALL-INCLUSIVE program where everything you need is included for the normal price of tuition! We promise not to nickel and dime you with hidden charges and fine print items and will provide all of the support you need to successfully complete our program.


The Tuition For Our ALL-INCLUSIVE Program is $6000.00 and Includes:

  • The Online Five Session Comprehensive Orthodontic Course
  • All Supplies and Materials for the Clinical Projects
  • Online and Hard Copy Course Manual
  • Equipment and Instrument Lending Program
  • Easy, Flexible, Interest-free Payment Options
  • Guidance with Case Selection, Diagnosis and Treatment Planning on your cases
  • Complimentary One Year Premium Website Membership
  • Phone or email access to instructors, we want to help!

Online Five Session Comprehensive Orthodontic Course:

Com`pre`hen´sive: complete; including all or nearly all elements or aspects of something ---Oxford Dictionary

Our Comprehensive course will provide all the information you need to successfully treat, from diagnosis to case finishing, 80% of the orthodontic cases in your office. There is no need to take additional courses to learn a complete treatment technique. We don't offer Intermediate or Advanced Courses because we present it all in our Comprehensive program, no nickel and diming you! If you need a refresher or to brush up on a particular mechanic, it is simple and easy to do so. You will have permanent access to the online program by maintaining a basic membership to the website so review is easy.

You can earn up to 125 CE credits when and where it is convenient for you, with no deadlines and no expiration dates. No need to take time away from your practice and your family, and no need for unnecessary travel expenses. Our classes are available 24/7/365, and you can review as often as you like and use it to train your staff!

Each session of our online Comprehensive Program maintains the same format as our classroom program and is documented by a lecture/slide presentation, presentation of cases, a video demonstration of the project mechanic and technique, and instructions for completing the project. The sessions build on information from the previous sessions and are presented in the same sequence you will encounter in treatment delivery. The sessions are divided into short and manageable sections to fit into any schedule, and can be paused and reviewed as often as you need.  To successfully complete a session just watch each of the lectures, complete the short Evaluation for that section, and then complete the hands-on project.

Course Manual and Project Materials and Supplies:

The course manual is over 350 pages and was written by Dr. Robert G. Gerety. It is the basis of our orthodontic education program, Non-Extraction Straight Wire Mechanics. For your convenience the entire manual is available online, an easy reference whenever and wherever you may need it. When you purchase the online course we will ship you a hard copy of the manual along with all of the materials needed to complete the 15 hands-on projects. These project materials include the brackets, bands, archwires, ligatures, appliances, and auxiliary items.

Equipment and Instrument Lending Program:

In an effort to insure that our online orthodontic students have the most beneficial experience and are able to complete the hands-on projects successfully, we have developed an equipment lending program to help achieve these goals. With this program, there is no need to invest in the cost of orthodontic instruments until you determine if orthodontics is truly something you are going to integrate into your practice.

The items available through our Equipment Lending Program are:

  • Cephalometric Tracing Kit
  • Fully Bracketed and Banded Typodont
  • Session One Pliers and Instruments
  • Session Two Pliers and Instruments
  • Session Three Pliers and Instruments

We do not charge our students for borrowing the equipment, but we do ask that the students pay for the shipping and handling. Simply go to our "Product" page and add it to your shopping cart. We will ship the equipment UPS ground and include a return shipping label for your convenience when you return the equipment. While we welcome all of our international students to our online ortho course, we are limiting the Equipment Lending Program to our US doctors.

Our Online ortho course has no expiration dates or deadlines, but we do ask that our students who take advantage of our free equipment lending program return the equipment within 90 days. At the time of enrollment in the Lending Program we will discuss with our student what equipment they will need to borrow and for how long. We will send a mutually agreed upon Equipment Lending Agreement that details the due date, the replacement cost for items not returned, and the approved use of our equipment. The equipment lending will be based on availability.

Easy, Flexible, Interest-free Payment Options:

Don't let finances or equipment prevent you from taking the next step into orthodontics. We offer easy, flexible, and interest free payments for the comprehensive program and even a student discount for 4th year dental students who want to get a head start on their orthodontic education. We will work with you to find a payment that fits into your budget, we want to make the program available to everyone who has a desire to learn orthodontics. To make financial terms you will need to contact us directly and we will gladly get you registered.

Premium Membership and Guidance with Case Selection, Diagnosis and Treatment Planning on your cases:

We feel it is important for our students to begin their own cases while taking the course so the mechanics that are taught in the program can be applied. Just like in the classroom we are here to help you with your cases. Not sure if a case should be treated in your office or referred out, ask us! Ask as many questions or submit as many updates for each case as you need to without any additional cost. No charge per minute, or charge per question. We are here for you throughout the finishing of each case. Simply submit your cases online and we will help you select cases, diagnose, treatment plan and troubleshoot as you progress through the case. This is included too with the free one year Premium Membership. The Premium Membership to our website provides access to all areas of the website and 2 My Case diagnostic services. Also enjoy access to Big Bob's Case Library and network with your colleagues in The Forum.

Phone or email access to instructors, we want to help!

We are available during normal working hours and want to help with any questions or concerns you have. We can also be reached by email and promise a speedy response!

We hope that you will be joining our online family! To hear what our students have to say about the program please visit the Testimonial Page on our website. If you would like more information just click on the "Contact" tab at the top of the page and drop us a note.