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Announcing the Robert Gerety Case of the Year Award Winner 2019

Modified: November 12, 2019 - 08:40 PM

The first weekend in August we held our annual Gerety Advanced Orthodontic Treatment Mechanics Symposium and dedicated this year as a tribute to Big Bob Gerety and his enormous contribution to GP orthodontics. Since his greatest reward for teaching orthodontics was seeing the excellent results his students achieved for their patients, our annual symposium is the perfect opportunity to present the Robert G Gerety Case of the Year Award.  As a “Celebration of Excellence” we invited each of our participants to bring their best case to present at the symposium. We are so pleased to announce that this year’s recipient of our Case of the Year Award is Dr. Paul Bishop from Decatur, AL. 

Kay Gerety presented the award to Paul who originally took our Comprehensive course from Big Bob and who has continued to support the comprehensive course as Kay and our team present it in Tulsa.  Paul is also an active online student who you may just run into on The Forum.  Paul received a beautifully engraved award to display at his office, a lifetime membership to our website, and 10 cases of brackets! 

There are many qualities and factors that are necessary for excellence in orthodontic case finishing.  Determination, attention to detail, persistence, and the dedication to maintain the highest standards possible as taught by Big Bob are all required.  Big Bob Gerety excelled at case finishing and has set the bar very high. He has also proven that his superior results are repeatable by his students who are using the Gerety philosophy and techniques and are achieved with consistency and predictability. We are so proud to be able to honor our students who have proven they have the qualities, knowledge and the passion to achieve orthodontic excellence and to applaud Paul for the incredible accomplishment that he achieved with this case!










We are so excited to have an area of our website that will showcase the achievements of our students and to show their mastery of orthodontics!  Please visit our Student's Success Stories page to see Paul’s case and so many other tremendous cases! If you are a Gerety student and have a case that you are particularly proud of, please contact us and we will proudly show it off too!