Embracing a New Era

Annual Ortho Symposium Highlights

Modified: December 20, 2018 - 12:39 PM

Our 2018 Advanced Orthodontic Treatment Mechanics Annual Symposium was simply amazing on so many levels, we are truly blessed we are to have such an incredible community of dentists and assistants. It was a wonderful blend of a family reunion, a chance to renew old friendships, an opportunity to meet our online ortho students in person, and to meet new students too! It was truly "full circle" to watch so many of our long-time students welcome and nurture those that were new to our group.




The faculty of Gerety Orthodontic Seminars continues to grow, providing us the unique opportunity to provide one on one personalized attention to each and every student. Whether it is simply answering their questions during the lecture, or sitting with them to review their cases, our instructors are committed to giving each student the support they need to grow in confidence and advance in the field of orthodontics.



This year there was certainly no shortage of ortho cases to review. A testament to the volume of orthodontics being delivered by our participants. Each evening immediately following class, all six instructors had a table clinic to meet with students individually to review their cases. Each participant can select the instructor they would like to discuss their cases with. It is an excellent educational opportunity.



Since Big Bob’s greatest reward for teaching orthodontics was seeing the excellent results his students achieved for their patients, this year couldn't have been a better time to introduce our first Robert G Gerety Case of the Year Award.  As a “Celebration of Excellence” we invited each of our participants to bring their best case to present at the symposium, and we are so pleased to announce that the first recipient of our Case of the Year Award is Dr. Gary Blaich from Coffeyville, KS.  There are many qualities and factors that are necessary for excellence in orthodontic case finishing, determination, attention to detail, persistence, and the dedication to maintain the highest standards possible as taught by Big Bob.  While Big Bob excelled at case finishing and has set the bar very high, he would have joined us in applauding Gary’s diligence in achieving superior orthodontic results. 


Our corporate partners added to the success of the weekend. Joining us this weekend were Debbie Brown and Lisa Cosgrove from Ortho Arch, Kristen Chamberlin from John's Dental Lab, Al Santoscoy from Ohlendorf Lab, David Lopez with Myobrace, Curtis Hesser with Carr Healthcare Realty and Kayce Hollingsworth from Shofu Dental.Their presence not only provided a source for all of our students' product needs, their expertise and knowledge of our program offered yet another venue of education.



This year our theme was Soaring to New Heights and to Orthodontic Excellence, and we focused on every detail from beginning mechanics to finishing, utilizing the proper tools to best resolve the issues in the most effective manner.  Just as a pilot has his procedures to follow, we presented our proven techniques to help you achieve new heights and soar to orthodontic case finishing excellence.  We began with the pilot’s flight planning and preflight checklist, records and diagnosis, and hit the runway and cruised with our treatment options and archwire mechanics.  In case of a bumpy flight we had contingency plans and then prepared you for the final approach and smooth landing.  

We so appreciate all of our students who attended our symposium and hope that you will take the journey with us again next year!