Embracing a New Era

Breaking News Announcement! Exciting New Additions to Our Website are Now Available!

Modified: August 28, 2020 - 02:33 PM

We have been working diligently, continuing to provide our students with the highest standard of orthodontic education available. We work to maintain our relationship with you by providing continued support, helping you implement all you have learned into your daily practice routine.  We are thrilled to announce the completion of additions to 3 areas of our website that will be instrumental in providing that support!  After over 40 years of providing general dentists with the most highly regarded orthodontic education, our experience has shown that our commitment to providing continued support to our students after the class is over is just as important as the real time curriculum that we present in the classroom.   While we pride ourselves in the fact that our instructors are never more than a phone call or an email away and are enthusiastic to answer your questions, our website provides us with another channel supplying that continuing support. 

The commitment to our students is foremost and we are excited to announce these upgrades:

  • We have added 10 new cases to Big Bob’s Case Library
  • The Resource Library is up and running with interesting articles and interactive Gerety forms
  • Session One of the Online Comprehensive Course completely updated in a new format with 2 more hours of lecture

Our website was launched 9 years ago with the Online Comprehensive Orthodontic Education Course for General Dentists as the anchor of the website. Other areas such as Big Bob Gerety’s Case Library, The Forum, and The My Case areas serve as additional student support features.   Quickly the My Case area became the most highly utilized, as our students uploaded their patients records and worked one on one with our instructors on diagnosis and treatment planning and trouble-shooting their own cases.  It provides a tremendous way to continue your education as you work with our instructors privately from the beginning of your case until its completion, asking as many questions as you need and as often as you need throughout the treatment.  Overtime The Forum became another great venue for this same type of support as our students began to share their cases with each other in the blog area that is private to our student membership, sharing their input and experiences with each other.  The Forum has become a great tool for our students to ask questions and chat with other Gerety students in a safe area. It has been so rewarding to watch our students from 30 years ago become mentors to our newer students! 

At the first launch of our website we began Big Bob’s Case Library with 10 orthodontic cases treated by Dr Gerety, and over the years we expanded his library to add 15 more of his cases to present examples of a wide range of treatment modalities.  When completed, the Case Library will have over 100 documented cases. The Case Library is a wonderful tool for our students to see not only the before and after pictures, but also pictures and a short explanation of the treatment procedure at each step along the way.  How encouraging is it to look through the Case Library and find a case that began just like one you might have in your office now and see the steps that Bob took to turn it into a beautiful smile!  Kay has plunged herself into the thousands of case slides that Big Bob had accumulated and has added 10 new cases now, with many more to come!  We hope that you will find these new cases useful:

  • Lower CD Distalizer - Upper Archwire Sequence
  • Thick Lip Bumper/Class III Elastics/Upper MDA-Permanent Dentition
  • Comprehensive Treatment with Impacted Cuspid
  • Bracket Placement Technique- Primary Dentition
  • Direct Bond Bracket Placement Technique - Permanent Dentition
  • Option V - Interceptive Phase I Treatment - Loss of Primary Cuspid
  • Option III - Thick Lip Bumper with Class III Elastics -Permanent Dentition
  • Impacted Cuspid-Tooth Size Discrepancy
  • Lip Bumper to Conserve "E" Space
  • Option I Treatment Plan - Archwire Sequence with MDA


The Resource Library is a new feature to our website that we created as an encouragement for our students to continue their learning by sharing our research, not only articles that we have found useful in the past but also new articles that we find relevant to our teachings.  This has been a fun project for us as we have already added over 20 articles that we hope will benefit our students. Keep an eye on this area as it continues to grow!  This is also the perfect area to respond to the many requests from our students who would like to have access to the forms that are presented in the Comprehensive Ortho Course.  We are thrilled to have added interactive versions of the forms to the Resource Library along with the many sample patient management letters that are included in the course.


Session One of the Online Comprehensive Course is all new and updated, with over 2 hours of lecture added!  The first thing you will notice is the new format of the presentation which has changed to a Picture-in Picture clip showing the presenter along with the PowerPoint presentation.  This is a fresh new look that we are enthusiastically working on bringing to the other sessions as well!  The actual length of Session One has increased by over two hours so you can imagine the amount of new material we have incorporated. There have been some major advancements in materials, products and technology in the last 10 years and we are happy to have incorporated those enhancements into our online program.  We do want to assure you that our core philosophy has not changed. In the last decade, we have discovered many new ideas and tools that have improved and advanced our program and we are anxious to share them with you and hear what you think.  Here are some of the highlights that have been added to Session One:

  • Standard of Care Orthodontic Records - Defined
  • Complete Myofunctional Exam – Airway Evaluation
  • New Materials and Products – Zero tip and torque molar bands, bonding adhesives, newly designed instruments, lower distalization appliance, etc.
  • Enhanced Treatment Options – Interceptive Treatment/Earlier Early Treatment
  • Updated Project 1 Video

We invite you to login to your membership and look at all the new features!  Our current members will automatically have access to the website updates.  If you are no longer a member, the updates are there waiting for you when you renew your Basic membership for just $99 annually.  If you have purchased the Comprehensive Online Course the updated version of session one, along with all the new material, is there waiting for you, even if you purchased it years ago and your membership has expired.  All you will need is a new Basic membership and you will have complete access again. If you aren’t a member yet, please join us. We would appreciate the opportunity to work with you as you continue your orthodontic education!

We hope you enjoy all the upgrades we have been working on and we anxious for your feedback!