Embracing a New Era

Gerety Annual Symposium - Sharing the Secrets to Case Finishing

Modified: May 18, 2021 - 06:53 PM
August 27-28, 2021
Dallas, TX

Kay is excited to announce her retirement from the classroom and hopes you will come join us in Dallas at our Symposium to help her celebrate!  In addition to celebrating her retirement with us, Kay has a special weekend planned with lots of new case finishing secrets to share with you. Each year, when planning the Annual Update Symposium, our focus is always Case Finishing. Our goal is to bring you information, products, material, and appliances that are current and relevant to case finishing. This year we will be presenting cases from each instructor with a focus on perfecting orthodontic mechanics. The slight nuances of a procedure can sometimes change the outcome of the entire case and we want you to understand and learn the precise details of the mechanics.

Live Stream Available

While we are excited to be returning to Dallas, we understand that some of our students may prefer to participate from home and we welcome their virtual attendance.  Simply register prior to August 26 to LIVE STREAM the Symposium and we will provide you with a temporary membership to our website and instructions on how to access the Symposium on August 27-28. For all who have registered in advance for the LIVE STREAM of the Symposium, it will be provided by logging into your Dashboard on our website and simply clicking on My Courses where you will find the link.  If you are not currently a member of our website we will provide you with a free membership that will expire a week after the event.  This is a great way to explore all the other areas of our website such as Big Bob's Case Library where you will see step by step photos of cases treated by Dr Gerety from the start of treatment all the way through finishing. You will also have access to The Forum which is the area for our students to network with each other, sharing ideas and cases they are treating with each other. The Resource Library will also be available for you to read articles and download forms. During your free week of membership the video of the Symposium will also be available for you to review segments that you might have missed or would like to see again.  Please remember to register in advance so we can make sure your access is set-up and to email you a PDF version of the course manual.

About the Course

To fine tune and precisely detail orthodontic cases we must be willing to spend a little extra time, closely examine many minute details, and thoroughly understand the system of case finishing mechanics. We must discipline ourselves to have a vision of the 6 Keys to Optimal Occlusion and the components of a beautiful smile.  Each of our instructors will detail their vision for case finishing and share their cases with the participants. This 2-day program will focus on basic and advanced mechanics, from beginning to finishing procedures, as well as using the proper tools, in the right sequence, to best resolve the issues most effectively.  

While maintaining our core philosophy and mechanics, we will explore and expose developments in appliances, materials, and products as they pertain to some of our more advanced or complicated cases. Definite advantages and disadvantages have been encountered over the years and we will present these mechanics and define our guidelines for determining when one appliance may be indicated or preferred over another. This course is structured for the doctor that is currently utilizing the Straight Wire appliance, has a clear understanding of mechanics and desires an update in terms of current trends and techniques in orthodontics. 


Our Learning Objectives:

  • Big Bob's 7 Keys to Case Finishing Excellence
  • Earlier Early Treatment
  • Intercepting the Cause in Order to Prevent Many Malocclusions
  • Understanding More About Function and Form
  • Impact of AIrway and Dental Sleep Medicine on your patient's health and lives
  • All new emphasis on clinical mechanics for case finishing


Need Hands-On Instructions? 

Go diving for pearls with our instructors as they share their tips in small groups. Do you have a particular task or procedure that you would like to see demonstrated?  Bring your questions to the meeting and we will have demonstration clinics immediately following class on Friday and during the breaks.  Meet with the five instructors in small groups as they share their pearls with you.  This is an excellent opportunity to bring your cases that you would like some help or guidance with.


Table Clinics 

Yes, they were so popular last year that we are bringing them back again this year!  During each break one of our instructors will be presenting a table clinic to a small group that will be relevant to our focus on case finishing.  They each have great ideas and we are excited to share them with you!


Robert Gerety Case of the Year Award & Our Lifetime Achievement Award

We have asked each of our instructors to bring an exemplary case from their own practices to present at the meeting. We also invite each of our participants to bring a "best case" to present.  Each student case presented will be evaluated by our judges, and one winner will be awarded the Robert Gerety Case of the Year.  The winner will be presented with an engraved award as well as a lifetime membership to our website and 10 cases of brackets.  What a great promotion it will be for you to show off this beautiful award in your office!

Please choose your case carefully and bring to class with you the following required hard copy records:

  • Before and after of:  panorex, ceph with tracing, models, and pictures
  • Patient history/ID/information

We are looking forward to you sharing your success story with us!

Where and When

Our course will be held in Dallas, TX at the Marriott Quorum Addison on August 27-28, 2021 from 9:00am - 5:00pm




For more information please contact us at 918-606-2809