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Join Kay Gerety in Dallas for Our Advanced Ortho Assistant Training

Modified: March 6, 2021 - 12:00 PM
May 7-8, 2021                
Kay Gerety's Advanced Orthodontic Training for Dental Auxiliaries    
Instruction by Kay Gerety 
Dallas, TX

We recognize that the success of a dental practice, along with the successful incorporation of orthodontics into a dental practice can depend on the education and training of the staff; with that in mind we designed this course to help fulfill those needs. Kay is a highly enthusiastic presenter, motivating, as well as knowledgeable, and enables her students to return to your practice with a renewed excitement and enthusiasm for dentistry and their ability to contribute to your office. This 2 day course features lectures, demonstrations, and hands-on exercises and is designed to meet the needs of the doctor and assistants who are currently utilizing Straight Wire mechanics and would like to expand the delegable duties to be performed by the orthodontic assistant. While this is not a beginning course, it is an excellent follow-up for assistants who have previously participated in the Basic Assistant course or who have extensive experience in orthodontic assisting.

Although it is not mandatory to have participated in "Kay Gerety's Basic Assistant Course," this advanced course is specifically structured to enhance and develop the principles and techniques taught in the basic course. Additionally, it will provide an excellent follow-up for assistants who have previously participated in the Basic Assistant Course or who have extensive experience in orthodontic assisting. It is recommended that participants be familiar with Cephalometric tracing, ligation methods, and general monthly maintenance procedures. Each assistant needs to be comfortable with basic orthodontic treatment concepts.

This is a wonderful opportunity to provide your staff with additional orthodontic training and to encourage their professional growth!

Advanced Orthodontics for Dental Auxiliaries May 7-8, 2021 $595

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Course Outline

  • Establishing objectives for treatment
  • Understanding skeletal and dental classifications and discrepancies
  • Treatment options
  • The Straight-Wire philosophy and how it pertains to bracket placement; tip and torque; level, align and rotate; and forces
  • Archwire sequence and auxiliary forces


Hands-On Participation exercises include:

  • Wax bite registration and archwire coordination
  • Accentuating curve
  • Reverse curve
  • Omega cinch backs
  • Open coil spring and power chain
  • Correction of single tooth cross bite
  • Step in and out bends
  • Ligation methods for activation
  • Multi-Distalizing Arch™ Appliance - Adaptation to wax bite, placement, and activation
  • Cuspid retraction
  • Individual root torque
  • Pletcher springs to posted wire (de-torquing rectangular archwire)
  • Bonded lower lingual retainer


Hear What Kay's Students Are Saying

"Kay is great. I feel like I have learned a great deal more from taking her classes." – Megan

"Thanks for the wonderful time. Kay is a very good instructor and all of you are amazing, thanks for everything" - Helen

"Kay is an amazing instructor - I really learned a lot and she made it very easy to learn and very fun!" - Crystl

"You are a wonderful teacher Mrs. Kay. This is my 3rd time taking the Advanced course. The 1st time I learned to do the treatment and the 2nd time I learned why. This class has been my favorite. I feel that now that I know how and why I can look for ways to improve and become a better asset to my doctor! Thanks so much!" - Cami

"Great course. Highly recommend!" - Cheri

"Love Kay! She is the best!" - Kelly

"Kay is a great speaker and very nice to talk with." - Jeannie