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Meet Our Team of Classroom Instructors for the Tulsa Comprehensive Ortho Program

Modified: March 6, 2021 - 11:58 AM

Meet Our Classroom Teaching Team in Tulsa

Register now and begin your mastery of orthodontics with the Gerety Comprehensive Orthodontic Education Program.  The course begins this September 21 in Tulsa, and we are looking forward to meeting a tremendous new class of students!

Our comprehensive program is a 5-session course designed for the general dentist who has no orthodontic education other than information that was included during dental school.  You will learn innovative techniques and solutions that will make the addition of orthodontics into your practice fun, easy, rewarding and profitable! The professionals at Gerety Orthodontic Systems are committed to incorporating the most current and enhanced orthodontic concepts as we teach general dentists to master orthodontics and to successfully integrate it into your practice. 

As our classes have grown, so has our teaching team.  Our current team of 5 instructors is dedicated to your success, and our student-to-teacher ratio is unmatched in dental continuing education.  Instructors are available both in and out of the classroom; we are never more than a call or an email away! Our goal is to ensure that every one of our ortho students receives the individual attention that each deserves.  Every question will be answered immediately and completely, and you can embark on this exciting expansion of your skills with confidence in our support and guidance.


Kay Gerety - Director of Education, Gerety Orthodontic Seminars

The classroom instruction team in Tulsa is lead by Kay Gerety, the Director of Education at Gerety Orthodontic Seminars.  Kay is a dynamic, enthusiastic, and knowledgeable speaker that will give you a clear understanding of Dr Gerety's philosophies and techniques.  Kay assisted Dr. Bob Gerety in teaching their Straight-Wire Orthodontic courses for over 30 years and has been an immeasurable asset to the Comprehensive Orthodontic program. During this same time period, she has taught her own assistant’s clinical program in conjunction with Dr. Gerety’s courses. In addition to the clinical programs, she has lectured extensively on Orthodontic Integration and Profitability, Practice Management and Marketing, and Effective Staff Utilization.  Kay has been teaching the Gerety Comprehensive Orthodontic Program in Tulsa since 2011 and is dedicated to making Big Bob's orthodontic program available to all dentists who want to learn orthodontics.


Dr Michael Auld - Associate Instructor, McAlester OK

Michael graduated Magna Cum Laude from Oklahoma Baptist University in 2005; he is a 2009 graduate of the University of Oklahoma College of Dentistry, where he graduated with distinction.  Michael joined his uncle's dental practice in McAlester, OK, where he practices family dentistry. Michael took our Comprehensive Ortho course in Tulsa in 2011 and immediately began incorporating the Gerety Straight Wire techniques into his practice.  Michael has returned to our class each year and has been an invaluable mentor to our first-year students.   We welcomed him to our team as an Associate Instructor in 2017.



Dr Damon Huffman - Associate Instructor, Humble TX

Damon graduated from the University of Texas Dental School at Houston in 1994.  The following year he took Dr. Robert Gerety’s GP Comprehensive Orthodontic course.  This allowed him to incorporate orthodontics into his busy family practice.   Over 20 years, Dr. Huffman has completed over 700 orthodontic cases following Dr. Gerety’s Straight Wire techniques.  He has been an active member of the American Orthodontic Society and the Academy of General Dentistry.  Dr. Huffman received his Fellowship in the AOS in 2011, his Fellowship in the AGD in 2013, and his Diplomate from the AOS in 2015.  In 2014, Damon was named Forum Master of the Gerety Orthodontic Seminars website, and we welcomed him to our classroom team as an instructor in 2016. 


Dr Joe Schmidbauer - Senior Instructor, Oregon OH

Joe is an experienced general practitioner from Oregon, Ohio.  After completing Dr. Gerety’s Comprehensive Orthodontic Education program in 1989, Dr. Schmidbauer incorporated orthodontics into his practice.  Joe has continued to build his dental practice component using a non-extraction philosophy for 26 years, completing over 2,000 cases.  For the last 7 years he has taught the philosophy and mechanics of Dr. Robert G. Gerety in Atlanta and Nashville, and in Tulsa with the classroom team.  


Dr Matthew Standridge - Associate Instructor, Yates Center KS

Matt attended college at Wichita State University and then attended UMKC School of Dentistry. After graduating Matt worked in public health in Missouri and Kansas. In 2012, he opened his first practice in Eureka, KS, and then bought his second office in Yates Center. In 2017 both offices were merged into one newly remodeled location in Yates Center. Matt is committed to excellence and continuing education, earning his Fellowship in the Academy of General Dentistry.  Matt graduated from our Comprehensive Ortho program in 2014 and immediately began incorporating the Gerety Straight Wire techniques into his practice.  Matt has returned to our class each year and has been an invaluable mentor to our first-year students.  We welcomed him to our classroom team as an Associate Instructor in 2017.


It is not too late to sign up for the 2018/2019 comprehensive orthodontic course!  Please call us at 918-606-2809 with any questions you may have or click here for more information and the complete brochure.