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Onsite Classroom Courses Coming Up in 2015

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We offer a complete program of orthodontic education structured for the general dentist to successfully integrate orthodontics into their practice.  Our curriculum was developed and taught by Dr Robert Gerety for over 35 years and is the only true Gerety program taught with his guidance and support.  Regardless of your orthodontic education needs,we have the solution for both you and your office team, and we have the flexibility to offer both classroom and online instruction!  To view our full line of ONLINEcourses click on the Continuing Education tab from our homepage.  We are excited to be offering the following classroom courses in Tulsa, OK. 


September 11-13, 2015              Robert G. Gerety Comprehensive Orthodontic Education

                                                     Instruction by Kay Gerety and Dr Joseph Schmidbauer


By presenting our ortho course in the classroom we are providing you with the option of participating in our program either online or in person, whichever you choose!

What sets our orthodontic program for the general dentist apart from all others?  This is the true Gerety course the way Big Bob taught it for over 35 years! Kay Gerety and Joe Schmidbauer are continuing to present Big Bob's curriculum with his guidance, support and involvement, maintaining the high standards that Big Bob has established.  We are dedicated to making our courses available to everyone who has a desire to learn orthodontics and have responded to your feedback by giving you the option to make five interest free payments on the tuition.  We are also committed to the success of each of our students, providing the option to have access to our online course to make-up missed sessions or to review the material in-between sessions as a study resource.

Gain the skills you need to meet today’s challenges and tomorrow’s opportunities. This course will show you innovative solutions that will make orthodontics fun, easy, rewarding, and profitable. The addition of orthodontics to your practice not only increases your profitability, but also adds a new and challenging dimension of service to your patients and practice. This course is ideally structured for the general or pediatric dentist with no orthodontic training other than dental school. Just as you have learned a technique for every other aspect of dentistry, Dr. Gerety’s method of teaching orthodontics will also provide you with a predictable technique. Each session builds on information, presented in the same sequence you will encounter in treatment delivery. When you have completed this course, you will have the knowledge, skill, and confidence to treat 80% of the malocclusions that come into your office.

This comprehensive, five-session (100-hour) seminar series will focus on the fundamentals of orthodontics and is designed exactly as you would treat a patient, from diagnosis and treatment planning to case finishing mechanics. The lecture will include both didactic and hands-on instruction with typodonts to facilitate your understanding of our curriculum. The third day of each session is completely devoted to case diagnosis, treatment planning, and problem solving of cases in treatment. Each participant will have the opportunity to present cases for help with initial diagnosis or cases that are in treatment. Not only will you receive advice on your individual cases, but because of the participation of the other doctors, both first-year and second-year attendees, you will see hundreds of cases presented and discussed. This exposure to many different treatment objectives and solutions is an invaluable part of the program.

The course will be presented by Kay Gerety and Dr. Joe Schmidbauer. Dr. Schmidbauer is an experienced general practitioner from Oregon, Ohio who has been carefully selected to work with Kay to present the most popular GP comprehensive orthodontic course in America, taught for 35 years by Dr. Robert G. Gerety. After completing Dr. Gerety’s Comprehensive Orthodontic Education program in 1989, Dr. Schmidbauer incorporated orthodontics into his practice and has continued to build that practice component utilizing a nonextraction philosophy for 26 years, completing over 2,000 cases.  For the last 4 years he has taught the philosophy and mechanics of Dr. Robert G. Gerety in the classroom with Kay Gerety in Tulsa, OK where the Geretys live.

Kay Gerety assisted Dr. Bob Gerety in teaching their Straight-Wire Orthodontic courses for over 30 years and has been an immeasurable asset to the Comprehensive Orthodontic program. During this same time period, she has taught her own assistant’s clinical program in conjunction with Dr. Gerety’s courses. In addition to the clinical programs, she has lectured extensively on Orthodontic Integration and Profitability, Practice Management and Marketing, and Effective Staff Utilization.  A highly enthusiastic presenter, Kay is motivating, as well as knowledgeable, enabling you and your staff to return to your practice with a renewed excitement and enthusiasm for dentistry.

Our course will be held in Tulsa, OK at the Crowne Plaza Southern Hills.

The dates for each of the sessions are:

September 11 - 13, 2015
November 13 - 15, 2015
January 8 - 10, 2016
March 4 - 6, 2016
May 13 - 15, 2016

Do you think you might have a conflict with one of the dates? We can help. Because our entire program is also available online we are offering access to our online course to use as a study resource allowing you to make-up missed sessions or to review the material in between sessions. It is a perfect opportunity to have access to the best of both of our programs, have the personal interaction of the classroom and have the lecture material and project videos available to review as often you need to online. Ask Straight Wire Seminars for the details when you register.

Take advantage of our $500 Early Bird Discount by registering before August 14, 2015. This discount reduces the $4995 tuition to only $4495. Unlike other programs that require payment in full in order to take advantage of the early bird discount, your registration is all that is necessary. You can continue to choose the convenient payment plan agreement and get the $500 discount. Your tuition also includes free monitoring privileges to all 5 sessions of the next year, and another 100 CE credits are available when you participate as a monitor, no strings attached.

Over 6,000 dentists have attended the Gerety seminars over the past 35 years—you probably know several of the attendees. We hope that you will visit the Testimonial page on our website to see what our students are saying about our program or call Straight Wire Seminars at 877-448-8606 and ask for a Gerety student in your area. Feel free to ask questions, and speak with them candidly about their experience.

For more information phone Straight Wire Seminars at 877-448-8606

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October 2-3, 2015                  Annual Case Finishing and Update Course

                                                Instruction by Kay Gerety and Special Guests:  

                                                Dr. Debra Ettle-Resnick, Dr. Damon Huffman, and Dr Joe Schmidbauer


Predictable Steps for Case Finishing to Use at the START of the Case

In order to fine tune and detail orthodontic cases we must be willing to spend a little extra time, closely examine the most minute details, and completely understand the system of case finishing mechanics. Recent advances in materials and products can greatly simplify our case finishing mechanics. This two-day clinical "hands-on" program will focus on identifying the particulars and utilizing the proper tools to best resolve the issues in the most efficient and effective manner, from the very beginning of the case.

Learning Objectives:

• Tried and true mechanics integral to case completion

• New mechanics, products, and techniques that offer a different and possibly more efficient way of

   accomplishing treatment objectives

• Three techniques for placing individual root torque and how to determine which works best for you

• Three completely different methods of torquing the anterior segments to establish the desired

   finished inner incisal angle

Though the Straight-Wire technique is based on no wire bending, wouldn’t you like to learn limited and selective wire bending rather than changing the position of a bracket in the finishing stages of Treatment?  These bends can also be used initially to correct molar rotation more efficiently, create anterior intrusion and bite opening, as well as angulation bends in the finishing stages. We also want to teach the indications for effectively using auxiliary wires for tooth guidance and eruption and establishing segments within the arches for increased anchorage and control. We have many new ideas, solutions, and “tools” for you to consider adding to your toolbox, and believe this program will put you a step higher on the ladder to orthodontic excellence.

This two-day, hands-on participation course is structured for the doctor that is currently practicing the Straight-Wire technique, has a clear understanding of mechanics and the Straight-Wire philosophy, and is looking for a program to update and expose current trends and techniques in orthodontics, in particular, those applying to case finishing.

Need Hands-on Instruction?  Do you have a particular task or procedure that you would like to see demonstrated? Bring your questions to the meeting and we will have a demonstration clinic immediately following class on Friday. Meet with the four instructors for a clinical session presenting any specific mechanic or procedure that you would like to see completed.

For more information phone Straight Wire Seminars at 877-448-8606.

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