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Predictable Steps for Case Finishing to Use at the START of the Case - A Two Day Update and Case Finishing Program

Instruction by:       Kay C. Gerety

                             Dr. Debra Ettle-Resnick

                             Dr. Damon Huffman

                             Dr. Joseph Schmidbauer


In order to fine tune and detail orthodontic cases we must be willing to spend a little extra time, closely examine the most minute details, and completely understand the system of case finishing mechanics. Recent advances in materials and products can greatly simplify our case finishing mechanics. This two-day clinical "hands-on" program will focus on identifying the particulars and utilizing the proper tools to best resolve the issues in the most efficient and effective manner, from the very beginning of the case.

Learning Objectives:

• Tried and true mechanics integral to case completion

• New mechanics, products, and techniques that offer a different and possibly more efficient way of

   accomplishing treatment objectives

• Three techniques for placing individual root torque and how to determine which works best for you

• Three completely different methods of torquing the anterior segments to establish the desired

   finished inner incisal angle

Though the Straight-Wire technique is based on no wire bending, wouldn’t you like to learn limited and selective wire bending rather than changing the position of a bracket in the finishing stages of Treatment?  These bends can also be used initially to correct molar rotation more efficiently, create anterior intrusion and bite opening, as well as angulation bends in the finishing stages. We also want to teach the indications for effectively using auxiliary wires for tooth guidance and eruption and establishing segments within the arches for increased anchorage and control. We have many new ideas, solutions, and “tools” for you to consider adding to your toolbox, and believe this program will put you a step higher on the ladder to orthodontic excellence.

This two-day, hands-on participation course is structured for the doctor that is currently practicing the Straight-Wire technique, has a clear understanding of mechanics and the Straight-Wire philosophy, and is looking for a program to update and expose current trends and techniques in orthodontics, in particular, those applying to case finishing.

Need Hands-on Instruction? Do you have a particular task or procedure that you would like to see demonstrated? Bring your questions to the meeting and we will have a demonstration clinic immediately following class on Friday. Meet with the three instructors for a clinical session presenting any specific mechanic or procedure that you would like to see completed.

For more information phone Straight Wire Seminars at 877-448-8606.

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