Robin Schmidbauer's Basic Orthodontic Training for Dental Assistants

Modified: September 7, 2017 - 07:12 PM

Robin Schmidbauer's Basic Orthodontic Training for Assistants  

September 8 - 9, 2017  

Nashville,  TN


About the Course

A well-trained and motivated staff is essential to the successful incorporation of orthodontics into your practice. Orthodontic records and data gathering is 100% delegable to the trained dental auxiliaries as well as a tremendous amount of other duties relating to orthodontics. You can’t afford to miss out on the opportunity to train your staff to accept these responsibilities.

Robin offers her Basic Orthodontic Training for Assistants course in Nashville just once each year, so don’t miss this opportunity!  This 2 day course offers 13 hours of continuing education and is taught on a beginning level, structured for assistants, hygienists and associates who are new to orthodontics and/or the Straight Wire Technique.

This program is a perfect complement to offices utilizing Dr. Robert Gerety’s technique. However, Robin’s knowledge of orthodontics in the general practitioner’s office and her experience as a clinician means she has valuable insight for any assistant and communicates with them well.  Whether you are a former student of Dr. Bob Gerety, Dr. Joe Schmidbauer, or use another protocol, this course will make your staff more productive in your practice.

This course is designed to train dental auxiliaries to:

  • Take quality records that will assist the dentist in proper diagnosis, treatment planning and case presentation during patient consultation
  • Trace a cephalometric x-ray by hand or digitally
  • Identify orthodontic pliers, wires and utilities used in orthodontic treatment
  • Place brackets in the proper height and position
  • Place spacers, bands, wires and ligatures
  • Wire sequence for the Straight Wire Technique
  • Have a complete understanding of the straight wire technique to better assist their doctor with all orthodontic procedures


Friday  9am - 5pm

9:00 am - Patient records

Standard of care: Health history & medical update; Required radiographs; Impressions and models; Bite registration; TMJ measurement; Intra and extraoral photos, front and side profile photos; Everything you will need to properly diagnose and treat an orthodontic case

10:30 am - Cephalometric procedures

Location of anatomical landmarks and points, hands on and digitally.

11:00 am - Cephalometric procedures

Hand trace cephalometric x-ray. Landmarks and points, measurements of lines, points and angles

12:00 pm - LUNCH 

1:00 pm - Principle and mechanics of the Straight Wire technique. Bracket design and features. The importance of proper bracket placement and tooth movement.

2:00 pm - Project 1

Direct bond bracketing of anatomical teeth. Student will bracket a set of anatomical teeth. This project is very enlightening in showing where the crowns and the roots will finish with correct or incorrect bracket placement.

5:00 pm – Adjourn


Saturday  9am - 5pm

9:00 am - Review of previous day 

9:30 am - Evaluation of bracket placement with .021 x .025 SS archwire

10:30 am - Archwire sequence; Scheduling and practice management; Ordering orthodontic supplies; Operatory armamentarium and set up

12:00 pm – LUNCH

1:00 pm - Project 2

Initial archwire (.0175 Twisted or .016 Nickel-Titanium); Engagement and ligation on bracketed typodont

2:00 pm - Project 3

.016 SS Archwire; Utilizing wax bites to form and adapt archwire curves; Placement of rotating wedges and ligation

3:00 pm - Project 4

.018 SS Archwire with open coil spring

4:00 pm - Orthodontics for real

In the mouth procedures; Placement of spacers; Sizing and cementing molar bands; Bracket placement aids; Cements and materials; Patient management and post-op   procedures and instructions.

5:00 pm – Adjourn


Important Information

Free Workbook & Wires All wires, appliances and peripheral products are supplied in a comprehensive course manual at no extra charge! A complete list of instruments necessary for project participation will be sent upon registration.

Materials Needed Students will need to bring their own pliers and instruments, as well as a fully banded and bracketed typodont. A complete list of these supplies will be included with the registration confirmation. 



To register or for more information please contact us at 918-606-2809


Registration Information

Course: Robin Schmidbauer's Basic Orthodontic Training for Assistants   
CE Credits: 13 Total Credit Hours  
Prerequisite: None  
Course Code: ASST3N17  
Tuition: $595.00  
Time: 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.  
Location: The Inn at Opryland 
2401 Music Valley Dr 
Tulsa, Nashville,  TN  37214

We look forward to seeing you in Nashville!