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Top Products Available at Gerety Orthodontic Seminars for Your Classes

Modified: July 19, 2019 - 09:21 AM

When it comes to our orthodontic continuing education programs at Gerety Orthodontic Seminars, we are confident that you are receiving only the latest orthodontic technology. We have so much good news to share with general practitioners who are anxious to begin or update their orthodontic studies with us. We're prepared to fully equip you with the latest changes in the industry involving straight wire techniques and mechanics.

The Gerety Orthodontic Seminars website is designed for general dentists and includes our case library of outlined treated cases, our member forum as well as our orthodontic programs.  Our website has helped thousands of general dentists see a remarkable change in their orthodontic efficiency and predictability of treatment.  Look at the top products we have available for you at Gerety Orthodontic Seminars, and you'll see how they're designed to benefit your orthodontic education.

The Equipment Lending Program

If you decide to enroll in all 4 of our comprehensive orthodontic sessions, you can take advantage of our equipment lending program. This is an orthodontic kit containing the necessary instruments you will need to complete the clinical projects in the comprehensive course. You will have access to all instruments and equipment without initially making a huge purchase allowing you to be sure that orthodontics is suitable for you. You will need this kit to complete the hands-on exercises such as archwire sequence, bracket placement, lip bumpers, coil springs, and more.

To participate, add this to your shopping cart and purchase it.

Orthodontic Concepts and Technique Manual

This is a course manual containing complete details on:  treatment planning, the system of diagnosis, clinical projects, and the treatment techniques we teach or use in the on-site classroom programs. The manual contains 300 plus pages with the clinical information, insurance guidelines, patient management forms, marketing suggestions, financial procedures, and more. This manual is included both online and in hard copy when you purchase the Comprehensive Orthodontic Program.  It can also be purchased separately in the Products section.

My Case Section

If you need guidance with any difficult or troubling cases, we have the “My Cases” section which is uniquely designed to help doctors like you submit your orthodontic cases for troubleshooting.  This is a good way for you to obtain proper diagnosis and help you formulate a good treatment plan. You can become a member and add this product to your cart to make the reviewing process for cases much easier.   

Get ready to have a great experience in our on-site classroom!  Get in touch with us today at geretyorthodonticseminars.com and we'll be happy to address any of your questions or concerns.