Embracing a New Era

Tulsa Course Blog 2014-2015

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Robert G. Gerety Comprehensive Orthodontic Education Program

2014-2015 Tulsa OK


We are so pleased to have been back in the classroom for our fourth year presenting the Robert G. Gerety Comprehensive Orthodontic Education Program. It was truly a wonderful experience for us to introduce Big Bob's course to another new group of students, and to see our old friends too! Thank you to all who participated in our ortho courses and who helped to make this last year such a success!


Dr. Bryan Fields 

Ponca City,  OK 

"Joe and Kay are incredible instructors.  Their practical knowledge and tips are extremely valuable." 



 Bryan is all smiles at graduation.                                    Concentrating on ligating his MDA project.       



Dr. Scott Jolly

N. Little Rock,  AR  

"Great Job!!  I really enjoyed this course."    



A proud and happy Scott at Graduation.                               Scott studying Big Bob's case models.


Dr. Sam Owens

Tulsa,  OK   

"Wonderful course!  Thank you for everything."



 Sam happy with his accomplishments!                           Working on his typodont project with Dr Li.     


Dr. Bela Vincze

Bensalem,  PA  

"Instructors taught practical orthodontics.  Big focus of course is proper diagnosis and treatment planning, this creates total confidence in my abilities."  



  Bela is celebrating a great accomplishment!            Lance and Bela working on their hands-on projects.


Dr. James Volker  

Wichita,  KS  

"Best CE value I have seen.  Thank you."   



 Jim celebrating Graduation with Kay and Joe.                             Working on his MDA project.            


Dr Michael Auld 

McAlester,  OK    

"This is a wonderful course!"  


It was great having Michael back as a monitor!  Michael has had tremendous success with his cases and we were thrilled that he brought his models to share with us and our students.  


Dr. Greg Bollen 

Jacksonville, AR  

"Over my 25 years of practice, this course has been the greatest addition to my practice."   



 Big Bob & Kay enjoy seeing Greg back to Monitor!      Greg sharing his experience and knowledge.           





Kay's Orthodontic Training for Auxiliaries 2015


"Wonderful course, explained everything really well!  Thank you."  

---Erica Smith,  Jasper  TX


"The course was great, thankful I was able to be involved."  

---Sara Monroe,  N. Little Rock  AR


"Kay, you are a great instructor.  Thank you for allowing us to be here again.  Keep up the good work!"  

---Trisha Orta,  Kingsville  TX


"Kay is a great instructor, her girls Deb and Chris are a great help also.  I was very pleased that I attended this class."  

---Kristi Stafford,  Greenville  NC


 "Thank you for making me feel more confident!"  

---Berenice James,  Antlers OK


"I had a lot of fun!"

---Nena Ray,  Bryant AR  


"Kay was AMAZING along with all of her team as well.  I can't wait to learn more in the Advanced course!" 

---Kortnee Thomas,  Tecumseh  OK   


"Very thorough and easy to understand as well as helpful."

---Megan Wallace,  Oxford  MS    


"It is perfect!  Great course." 

---Sandra Cruz,  Sarezzo-Brescia  Italy