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Start Time: September 27, 2024 @ 9:00 AM End Time: May 18, 2025 @ 5:00 PM

What Are the Advantages of Adding Orthodontics to Your Practice?

Benefits for Your Patients
  • Provide your patients with their best smile possible
  • Boost their self-esteem and confidence
  • Increase nasal breathing by correcting constricted airways
  • Improve their overall health by achieving normal function 
  • Providing treatment in a familiar office reduces anxiety and adds peace of mind
Benefits for Your Practice
  • Stop referring ortho cases and treat 80% of the malocclusions in your office
  • Increase the revenue stream.  Just 2 cases a month would add over $120,000 yearly
  • Retain your patients by providing the care they need
  • Patient loyalty will increase, and patients will utilize more services
  • Enhance your image and reputation in the community
  • Attract new patients
  • Offer a one stop dental office to improve customer service
  • Be more competitive by diversifying the services you offer
  • Solidify your patient base
Benefits for you Personally
  • Breathe new life into your practice and revitalize your passion for dentistry
  • Challenge yourself to master orthodontics
  • Add a relaxing and predictable facet of dentistry
  • Professionally rewarding and financially profitable

Why Gerety Orthodontic Seminars?

Our mission statement at Gerety Orthodontic Seminars is to provide the highest quality orthodontic education to all general and pediatric dentists. This includes the successful integration of orthodontics into your existing practice.  We offer a complete program of orthodontic education that is structured for the general dentist who has no orthodontic experience other than what was presented in dental school.  With 48 years of developing our curriculum and techniques and our dedication to Embracing a New Era, we are poised to offer the most comprehensive and flexible orthodontic educational program available today.  Over the years the Gerety program has become the Gold Standard of comprehensive orthodontic courses, teaching over 15,000 students. By adding new technology and techniques, and with our flexibility and history of success, we are prepared to meet your professional needs and offer what others can’t:

  • Proven instruction with hundreds of testimonials from students
  • The best student/teacher ratio in orthodontic continuing education
  • Unparalleled continued support from our instructors in and out of the classroom
  • Dynamic website with the complete curriculum online to use as a study aid in between sessions
  • The flexibility to offer you a blend of traditional classroom learning with Online and Live Stream options
  • Live Stream sessions from the comfort of your home or office
  • Interest free payment plan of 5 monthly payments
  • Repeating each session of the course your second year is included and offers an additional 100 CE hours
  • No additional dues to join a society or organization are required to take our course
  • The course is comprehensive, meaning ortho is presented from start to finish, we don’t hold back material to push you into Intermediate or Advanced courses.  It is all here for you!
  • Just because the course ends our instructor support will carry on 
Our mission is to help you be successful in orthodontics and to enjoy the process!

What are the Learning Objectives?

The comprehensive, five session (100-hour) seminar series will focus on the principles of Straight Wire Non-Extraction Orthodontics, which is our philosophy.  The program is presented exactly as you would approach treating the patient, from diagnosis and treatment planning to case finishing mechanics.  Upon completion of the entire program, participants will have the knowledge and confidence to:
  • Produce Standard of Care Patient Documentation

Health History Review

Dental and Myofunctional Exams

Intra and Extra Oral Photography

Diagnostic Study Models (Digital or Impressions)



TMJ Screening

  • Confidently Select Cases for Treatment

Our goal is to provide you with criteria and guidance for your beginning cases. We want the cases you treat in the beginning to be straightforward and rewarding. We try to avoid cases that are more advanced and offer guidance with your case selection so you will have success and gain confidence.

  • Interpret Cases Using a Predictable Diagnostic System

Our predictable diagnostic system will help doctors avoid cases that have hidden difficulties that manifest during treatment and can discourage a beginning doctor.

  • Evaluate and Troubleshoot Case Progression

We set aside a day during each session to review your records for case selection and to review and troubleshoot the cases you have in treatment. Our instructors are available to look at your cases during the course and keep you on track with your progress.

  • Implement the Most Current Treatment Options

We continually add materials, appliances and mechanics to our program as they become available. It is our objective to start you with the mechanics that are most effective and predictable.

  • Deliver the Correct Mechanics in the Appropriate Sequence

As important as mechanics are to the orthodontic case, choosing the right mechanic is not as important as implementing the right mechanic in the proper sequence. We provide a roadmap for treatment sequencing.

  • Finish Cases to a Level of Excellence

There is an art to case finishing that begins at the start of the case. The amount of time spent fine tuning and case finishing mechanics at the end of the case can be much less when you have followed the road map from the beginning.

What is Included with the Course?

  • 2 Years, 10 sessions, 200 CE Credits. Tuition includes 5 sessions this year and free monitoring of all sessions next year too! Continue to earn CE credit while you review the course your second year.
  • 350+ page course manual written by Dr Robert G. Gerety
  • Free access to our Online Comprehensive Course to use as a review and study aid in between classroom sessions. Review the same presentation ONLINE that we present in the classroom. Also enjoy a free one year Basic Membership to the Gerety Orthodontic Seminars website including access to Big Bob's Case Library and to The Forum.
  • Do you have a conflict with one of the course dates? We are committed to the success of each of our students and will provide access to our online course to make-up missed sessions.
  • You will have the valuable experience of placing brackets, bands, wires, ties and appliances on a typodont.  Learn our techniques and mechanics as you complete 15 exercises with the help and input from our instructors, both in the classroom and online from your home. All materials and supplies used for the clinical projects are provided for you. The only additional purchase you make is the cost of your instruments and any equipment that you will need in your office. Each project is demonstrated by a slide presentation, written instruction with images and a video presentation of the complete project beginning to end.
  •  During each session we devote class time to review student cases. Present your cases and we will help you with case selection, diagnosis, treatment planning, sequencing, and problem solving. This is a great opportunity to learn from your classmates' cases too!
  • One-on-one help from our instructors. We are available to help you both in and out of the classroom. We are dedicated to answering your questions and are always just a phone call or an email away.
  • Interest free payment plan, the option to make 5 payments and still receive our discounted early registration pricing!
  • Save $500 by registering early! Take advantage of this special offer by registering before August 27 when this discounted price expires and returns to $5,995.

Where and When?

Our course will be held in Dallas, TX at the Marriott Quorum Addison.

The dates for each of the sessions are:

September 27 - 29, 2024
November 15 - 17, 2024
January 10 - 12, 2025
March 21 - 23, 2025
May 2 - 4, 2025


What Pathways are Available to Complete the Course?

As we have Embraced a New Era, we have incorporated the great strides being made in technology.  As a forerunner in Online orthodontic teaching, we were the first provider to offer our complete Comprehensive Orthodontic program ONLINE.  With 14 years of experience presenting our program online it is a proven success and the benchmark for our industry.  The availability of our online program allows us the flexibility to use it alongside our classroom course and offer it to use as a study aid in between sessions and to make up missed sessions. As Live Streaming became available, we added it as another tool to accommodate your schedule and needs. The Live Stream allows us to capture new ideas, materials, techniques and theories that are introduced in the classroom.  

Our course offers the best of both worlds, there is no need to just choose one. 

You can blend all the options to customize a learning format that is best for you!

In-Person Traditional classroom learning in Dallas
  • The Gerety program has flourished in this environment for 48 years
  • Best student to teacher ratio available
  • Highly knowledgeable instructors with proven experience and success
  • Lectures using PowerPoint presentations and project videos
  • 15 hands-on exercises
  • Student case reviews presented on the large screen
  • We are constantly updating and refining the course content and presenting current cases
Online from the comfort of your home or office
  • Same PowerPoints and videos presented in the classroom
  • Pre-recorded lectures written by Dr Gerety
  • Complete the hands-on projects online and receive feedback from our instructors
  • Learn at your own speed
  • Great study aid to review course material in between sessions
  • Can be used to make-up missed sessions in Dallas
Live Stream from our course in Dallas
  • Watch the live feed of the class in real time
  • View project videos and complete projects along with the class
  • Live chat room is offered for real time interaction with the instructors
  • If you miss a segment watch the video when it is more convenient

Our ONLINE ortho course has proven to be an invaluable asset to our classroom students to use as a study aid at home in between sessions and even to make up missed sessions.  We will provide limited access to our ONLINE course for all early registration students.  It is the best of both worlds!  Enjoy the classroom interaction experience and then review the same PowerPoint and lecture materials, and even the project videos that we present in the classroom, ONLINE from the comfort of your home or office.  




You’re in Good Company! Over 15,000 dentists have attended Gerety Seminars over the past 48 years—you probably know several of the attendees. Call us at 918-606-2809 and ask for a Gerety student in your area. Feel free to ask questions, and speak with them candidly about their experience. The Geretys have taught much more than orthodontics, they have taught a lifelong commitment to dental excellence and it shows in their students’ treatment results.

Easy Travel to Dallas!  Traveling into Dallas is convenient with direct flights from most airports.  

Your Satisfaction is Guaranteed!  We are proud of this course and are confident that you will have a tremendous experience. If for any reason you are not completely satisfied, we will issue a refund.

Discounts are Available!  Enroll before August 27 to take advantage of our $500 Early Registration Discount.  Call us for information on Recent Grad, Military, and Group discounts.


To register or for more information please contact us at 918-606-2809


Registration Information

Course: The Robert G. Gerety Comprehensive Orthodontic Education Program  
CE Credits: 100 Participation Credits  
Prerequisite: None  
Course Code: GERE1D24  
Tuition: $5495 until August 27 when it returns to $5995  
Time: 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.  
Location: Marriott Quorum by the Galleria
14901 Dallas Pkwy
Dallas, TX  75254

We look forward to seeing you in Dallas!

Marriott Quorum by the Galleria
14901 Dallas Pkwy
Dallas, TX 75254
United States
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